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The company was founded in the 60s by Mr. Giuseppe Brusco, to produce and sell olive oil first, and then coffee. Giuseppe worked in the province and later, when the business was extended to the entire region of Piedmont, he focused on coffee, with the first coffee roasting cycle and the release of what will be called BrusCafè, that will be later appreciated for its quality and packaging.


The shops and the first supermarkets started to distribute the brand and soon it became famous throughout Italy.

The implementation of a vending network definitely marked a turning point for this company. The first vending machines appeared in the hospital waiting rooms and later in the factories and offices. We were in the 80s and the coffee industry was flourishing. The company, with its 50 vehicles, covered Piedmont and nearby regions.

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Despite its incredible success, the business was sold to a large international group.


Meanwhile, Giuseppe’s children joined the company and gave it a boost. Brunella and her husband, Flavio, indeed, created a new brand, "Caffè Scrivano", resulting from the extensive experience of the company in the coffee industry.


But Bruscob is an innovative project designed to explore a new sector. After gaining expertise in the vending industry, the company created a solid organisation to provided families with coffee machines and coffee capsules produced by the company itself.


A new milestone for a company that deals with the entire production cycle.