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The roasting department uses a fully automated hot air system.


The software is programmed to control the roasting profile for each coffee blend and modulates heat and the air flow during all stages of coffee roasting.

Furthermore, to ensure the best quality of the product, heat and the air flow are modified based on the different coffee blends, which have different needs.


Arabica coffee is delicately roasted, but for a longer period of time, so as not to alter its typical aromas, while Robusta coffee requires a shorter and therefore more intense roasting process.

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Coffee roasting: the core business of the company

To get a perfectly sweet, full-bodied and aromatic coffee, different coffee blends with different aromatic and organoleptic characteristics are mixed.


However, the roasting process is different for each coffee blend, since each blend is different. Soon after the roasting process, coffee blends are mixed together to give you the best quality product ever.